How to make your living room cosy this autumn

Where did the summer go? Almost overnight the temperature has dropped and autumn has arrived! The central heating is going on and it is time to make your living room cosy.


Cushions in cosy living roomThe quickest way to achieve this is by adding layers, starting with cushions and throws. Soft tactile fabric is the way to go in rich, warm tones (think amber and coppery colours with muted greens and blues). If you have hard floors, maybe look at adding a carpet or at least a rug or two to warm things up underfoot. If you have a neutral tone room, you can add comforting warm colour with just these simple additions.


Candles in cosy living room

Lighting plays a major part too as the nights draw in.  Aim for soft background lighting – task lighting for reading and some table lamps on side tables to give a warm, cosy glow. Also a fire with real flames is very welcoming – if you don’t have the real thing, it is possible to get either a gas or electric wall mounted log effect fire that is very realistic – and remote controlled! Well worth investing in.

Otherwise tea lights and storm lanterns with candles work well – and there are some very realistic LED candles around too if you have small children or animals.


A comfy foot stool always looks inviting, as does a relaxing corner unit or sofa with lounger.  There are some gorgeous sofa tables available now to keep your warm drinks and snacks close to hand too.

Cosy Sofa




Wallpapers also warm up a room; again think textures and warm colours. Or hang a piece of art or photographs to create a cosy environment, or invest in a bookshelf with books and accessories displayed artistically. Or simply painting the walls in a warmer colour will work too.

Gorgeous floor length curtains at the windows and possibly the doors add warmth and look very sumptuous as well as keeping the drafts out. Even dress curtains added to Roman Blinds make the room look cosier. And as plants are now very much back in style, try adding some large ones to create interest and maybe divide the room into cosy areas.

And finally, the mantelpiece should always be dressed! Photographs, tea lights and accessories all add interest and warmth.


You may be building your dream home, or expanding or renovating your current home. It is never too early to get Interior Design advice as many options can be explored which may not be possible when other decisions have been made.

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