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Sandra Rothwell

Sandra Rothwell is an interior designer, who has lived and worked in Cookham Dean for the last 16 years, and owned Cookham Interiors opposite The Jolly Farmer. She specialises in sourcing original and unique furniture and accessories, and often travels to Europe looking for inspiration. Now she has developed her own unique interior design philosophy, ‘Roomology’, helping you transform the way you feel about
your home...

I had previously worked in graphic design, but when I bought my first home in Cheltenham, I realised Interior Design was my passion. Working with fabrics and textures added a whole new dimension to the design process!

I trained at The KLC School of Design in Chelsea Harbour, London, and then I was very lucky to get my first design project in Zurich. A colleague was marrying a Swiss banker and moving to Zurich, and asked me to work with them to redesign their home. We added glamour, sophistication and warmth to a property with the most stunning views.

I lived in London but through work met my previous partner. We moved to Cookham Dean to raise our family here. I love the friendliness of the village and the way new residents are welcomed into the community. The local schools are brilliant and it is such a safe and nurturing environment to bring up a young family. It is also one of the prettiest villages with such a diverse range of fabulous properties, all hidden away!

We bought Chapel House, the old Methodist Chapel, and set about renovating it. With my contacts from London, I realised there was a great opportunity to introduce my suppliers to the local area.

Apart from Chapel House, another big transformation has been my current home. It was derelict when I bought it due to fire damage and was in desperate need of serious work. It has such a history in the village and it was a pleasure to breathe life back into it and make it such a fabulous family home, even though with the low beams my teenage son has to mind his head!

I believe every room in your house has a personality and one that can be enhanced beyond your wildest dreams by using what I call ‘Roomology’ – which means taking the natural personality and feel of the room and bringing it to life. We look at the room as a whole, and not just as an area to put furniture in.

Your home and each individual room is the backdrop to your life and your family’s life. You celebrate there, you entertain, you relax, you hide… it’s your haven and so every single room should be glowing. It’s more than aesthetics, it’s more than a new lick of paint or even a new sofa; it is Roomology – making your home an expression of who you are.

From the initial consultation through to the finished project, I will guide you through the design and decision making process, making sure your finished home is stunning, but more importantly reflects your personality and works with your lifestyle.

I am inspired by lots of things, for example nature and the different qualities of natural light, sunsets in particular. I also love visiting design shows and exhibitions both in the UK and abroad. I visit Chelsea Harbour often too – seeing and touching beautiful fabrics is inspiring for me. 

I travel regularly to Paris and Milan. I look for new furniture suppliers – there is such a great choice from talented designers and I like to include original pieces in my schemes that are unique to clients.

I love my job. I love seeing the completed project and the feedback from the clients, especially the husbands who don’t always get too involved along the way but are delighted with the end result! If money and time was no object, I would love to design my own Boutique Hotel and restaurant one day.

First published in Mums About Cookham


You may be building your dream home, or expanding or renovating your current home. It is never too early to get Interior Design advice as many options can be explored which may not be possible when other decisions have been made.

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