Cookham Family Home

Cookham Family Home A stunning home, the property was quite dated in places and the stairs weren’t as prominent and grand as they should have been, due to alterations made to the house by previous owners. We completely renovated a large part of the house, making a fabulous entertaining space for their friends and colleagues. [...]

Relaxed Living in Zurich

Zurich Home A fabulous house on the outskirts of Zurich, a contemporary but sumptuous interior was required to offset the security grilles that were required on the property. Soft velvets and diamante trims were used to give a very luxurious feel, and all the curtains were ceiling mounted and dressed to take up as little [...]

Berkshire Country House

Berkshire Country House An extra floor was added to this beautiful property, creating 3 additional bedrooms and bathrooms. The owners also took this opportunity to upgrade most of their other rooms, giving the property a totally new look. The staircase became a showpiece, accentuated with stunning wallpapers and silk walls, adding colour, texture and amazing [...]

Villa in Mustique

Villa in Mustique Our clients owned a fabulous property in Mustique that was let out for very exclusive holiday rentals. The challenge was getting everything delivered in time for us to fit out, and making sure we had everything we needed as nothing was available locally! The theme was very much in keeping with the [...]

Cookham Dean Family Home

Cookham Dean Family Home The clients asked for a totally new look for their existing living room which was quite dated. The starting point was the fireplace, introducing a contemporary glass fronted gas fire. They also entertained a lot and needed space for a large number of guests. The corner sofa with armchairs worked really [...]